New Construction

Please contact your sales agent with Triad Real Estate for updates on your move-in date of your new home.

For newly constructed homes and warranty repairs, please email

Due to the high demand for housing units in the program, we ask that you complete the reservations process in the timeframe that is allotted to you. However, your deposit is refundable from the time of your reservation until you open escrow; you may cancel and receive your deposit back in full for any reason.

The move-in date, and any delays to this date, rest solely with Triad Realty. The CHA staff have no control over the determination, notification, and (if they arise) delays in the move-in date. We recommend that you maintain your current housing until you physically move into the property. Of course, this may entail paying an extra month of rent (the month in which you actually move in) but will provide you with a margin of safety should the Developer/Builder delay the move-in date (which has happened on a number of occasions).

While CHA staff have no control over the timeline given by the Developer/Triad Sales Team, once you have been offered a home we can assist you in the following ways. Please contact us if we can assist you with the following:

• Provide information about the process to reserve and purchase a University Home

• Provide information regarding the University’s Housing Program (resale and price restrictions, the rules and regulations for the HOA community, CC&R, and others)

• Provide guidance on University Loan Options available to faculty members

• If you have not purchased a home in a homeowners association (HOA) and are unfamiliar with how an HOA works, what it means to be a homeowner in an HOA, etc. For additional information regarding the Ocean Walk HOA, please see here

• If you would like help to understand the escrow process, have questions regarding the title report, property taxes, etc.

• If you have any concerns about an issue that you encountered during the process of reserving a home or purchasing a home.

The CHA Office, while we are not the developers/builders, we are able to provide assistance through the complex process of homebuying, advise on resources that may be available to you, and advocate on your behalf regarding any concerns that you encounter during the process.


Housing Program

Members of the Academic Senate faculty (Professor series and Lecturer SOE series).

At this time the waitlist is available to members of the Academic Senate. When Housing is made available to Staff, a notification will be made to the campus community.

The Community Housing Authority does not provide rental units.

You may reach out to the Community Housing Authority Office at any time here.

There is no requirement regarding the length of time to own before choosing to sell your home in the UCSB Housing Program.

A principal residence is the home in which you spend the most time, the place to which you always return.  A principal place of residence is where an individual or a household resides for the majority of the year and considers their main place of habitation. It is the place where they typically spend the most time, where they have their personal belongings, receive mail, and maintain strong connections to the local community. A principal place of residence is distinguished from secondary or vacation homes, as it serves as the primary center of daily life, work, and familial activities for the occupant.

The sale of the new homes at Ocean Walk is conducted by Triad Real Estate, who facilitates the complete transaction/paperwork for both seller and buyers. In order to offer discounted prices in the housing program, the University program does not include paying a buyer's agent commission.

Triad Real Estate is the sales team/real estate broker for the developer of Ocean Walk Phase 4 & 5. They facilitate the sales transaction of the new homes to faculty members in the housing program.

The University leases the land in which the Associations sits, to the Homeowners Association. The HOA then subleases the land to the homeowner. The HOA charges the homeowner a monthly Ground Rent (or Land Lease payment).

  • For homeowners in Ocean Walk, the Ground Rent is paid via the HOA payment.
  • For homeowners in West Campus Point, the payment for active UCSB faculty is made via payroll deduction or for retired UCSB faculty via an annual invoice sent by the CHA Department.

The payment for the Ground Rent goes to such items as: Campus Police, CCBER Restoration of Open Space & Habitat Maintenance, CHA operations, and the West Campus Point Leak Remediation Loan (for the West Campus Point Homeowners only).

Housing Options & Availability

The Community Housing Authority does not provide rental units. For assistance in locating a rental property, please contact the University & Community Housing Services Office at or visit UCSB Rental Listings Website

For questions and availability for the Faculty & Staff Sierra Madre Rental Apartments, please see


Currently we do not have any new homes or resales available. If a unit becomes available, the sales team at Triad Real Estate will contact you in order of priority.

There are 70 new homes being built in Phase 4 & 5. The homes are built by Newton Construction Management.


The Community Housing Authority does not have authority to make any changes to the waitlist. Please refer to the Executive Vice Chancellor’s website here for the Waitlist policies.

It is difficult to predict when someone will be offered a home due to individuals housing preferences and the frequency that homes in the program are listed for resale.

You do not need to complete a pre-approval for a loan until you are contacted to reserve a home in our program. However, it is recommended you reach out to a lender to understand qualifying and the price range that suits you.


Eligible participants of MOP are members of the Academic Senate (or those who hold an equivalent title) and members of the Senior Management Group. For further information, please contact the campus MOP Loan Coordinator.

Once you have been nominated to participate in MOP, the next step would be to contact the MOP Loan Coordinator to review the Program guidelines and qualification criteria.

The current turn time for a pre-approval review is 15-20 business days from when you have completed a MOP Loan Application and provided supporting documentation. For additional information on the processing time please reach out to the MOP Loan Coordinator, Sheila Lombardo at


Please refer to our Current Homeowner’s page for instructions.

Yes. Sellers in the UCSB Housing Program are required to have a licensed and insured real estate agent/attorney facilitate the transaction. As typical of a sales transaction, the seller should factor 5% commissions (2.5% to the seller's agent and 2.5% the buyer's agent). This will ensure that all of the components of the sale will be completed correctly in accordance with California law, particularly with disclosures, reduce errors and protect both parties from issues/potential lawsuits that can arise.  A professional real estate agent will prepare the sale contract, provide instructions to escrow, answer and provide guidance throughout the process, prepare addendums to the contract to address issues that arise out of the transaction, facilitate all required legal disclosures, and flag/advise on solutions to any problems that affect timely completion of the sale. Sellers in the program may also opt to select the University's Agent to facilitate the transaction at a discounted commission; please contact our office for additional information on this benefit. Employees of the UCSB may also access resources, information and additional benefits regarding homebuying and real estate agents through:

Homeowners Associations

Please refer here for a brief overview of a Homeowner’s Association.

The HOA dues can range from $500-$650 a month depending on the size of the property.

Ocean Walk at North Campus Owners Association

West Campus Point Homeowners Association

  • Coast Community Property Management (805) 968-3435

The elected HOA board members can decide to contract and hire a Property Management company who can perform such tasks as overseeing the contracting of work in the Common Areas, the collection of HOA dues, the enforcement of HOA rules, and the preparation of the HOA budget.

HOA payments are made directly to the Property Management company. Please contact the Property Management company for questions on how to remit payments.

The HOA dues can include coverage for such items as the contracting of a Property Management company, insurance for the common areas and building exteriors, maintenance of the common areas/facilities, and the maintenance of building exteriors.

Examples of items maintained by the HOA can be found here for the Ocean Walk HOA.

Homeowners in the housing program commonly pay the following:

  • Gas – Southern California Gas Company
  • Electricity – Southern California Edison
  • Water – The HOA issues the invoice for water to each resident based on metered usage. The HOA collects the payment from the residents and issues payment to the Goleta Water District.
  • Solar – At Ocean Walk Phases 4-5, you may contact:
    SunPower - Heather Price (Community Account Manager)
    (918) 233-66-32 or
  • The HOA dues do not cover any utilities / trash for the homes.

The recreation areas, playgrounds, pool/spa, and gym (if applicable) are managed and maintained by the Property Management company selected by the HOA.

The Open Space area is managed by CCBER (Cheadle Center for Biodiversity & Ecological Restoration).


Please refer to our Current Homeowners page for additional instructions on how to transfer title to your trust.