Executive Board Members

​Joel Michaelsen     President

David Marshall       Vice President

Chuck Haines         Secretary/Treasurer

Board Members

Henning Bohn             Senate Chair

Rod Alferness            Dean of Engineering

Vickie Scott               Theater and Dance

Richard Watts            Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor

Barbara Walker          Staff Representative, Office of Research

Tamara Afifi               Professor, Department of Communication

Garry MacPherson     Vice Chancellor for Admin Services

Staff Participants

​Martin Shumaker   Associate Vice Chancellor, Strategic Asset Management

Daniel Sweeney     Director of Real Estate

Mark Nocciolo       Director of Capital

Blake Cardoza       CHA Program Assistant

Rose Peterson       CHA Executive Director

Shari Hammond     Campus Planner

For inquiries or to contact the CHA Board, please e-mail our office of Community Housing Authority at sbha-info@ucsb.edu